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I am a professional painter in watercolour, pastel and acrylic or oil on canvas or board.  Examples of my work are shown on my linked pages - if you want the pages to open in new windows, please click on the images to the right.  Then click on the images in rows to see a larger, in-proportion version of each picture.  Use your back button to return to the rows of images.  

I update my website regularly.  Dimensions shown against pictures on the site do not include mount or frame.  Pictures of London are included on both my Landscape and Urban Scenes pages.  Photographs of recent work are often posted to my Instagram account:


Prices for original work range from about £200 to £1,800 depending on what is involved (excepting 'artist support pledge' work - see below).   For all enquries including potential commissions, please use the email link at the bottom of my Contact page. 

Latest News

Clearly this year is different to the last one, for us all.  After a period of readjustment, I am back painting.  Whilst plein air events have been cancelled, the recent relaxation of 'lockdown rules' in England means those artists who wish to are venturing out again, subject to social distancing.  I will do this although central London is off limits for the time being.  Inside or out, I have no shortage of subject matter and will continue to share pictures via this website and social media as much as I can.  

I am participating in 'artist support pledge' - an Instagram based scheme founded by Matthew Burrows, to help artists at this difficult time.  Any artist can take part; he/she offers select works for up to £200 each plus P&P.  Once the artist has raised £1,000 in sales, they are obliged to buy a piece by another artist for £200.  I will mark any artistsupportpledge pieces shown on this site with a * so you know they are offered for £200 or less.  In general, head over to Instagram to see work on display:  #artistsupportpledge   

Best wishes - Andrew



Since 2012 I have had more time to produce work, which people often and kindly describe as beautiful.  It is always based on direct observation and learnt drawing skills.  There is a bit more about me, my work and prizes I have won on my Contact page.  



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